Cartoon Explanation

This political cartoon truly exemplifies the understanding of the Watergate Scandal in America. The public clearly comprehended the situation and could blatantly see that Nixon was guilty right after the culprit who was part of his administration was revealed. The committee however made the trials and hearings too intricate and some were blind sighted by the distinct facts before them. They didn't even begin to deeply question the President's involvement until after the report from John Dean. The names on the desks symbolize that the committee members were almost learning what was going on rather than analyzing the situation themselves. The equation on the blackboard represents the complex way the committee saw the scandal. The Anti-Nixon man who is seemingly the teacher is trying to explain the scandal to the committee. Therefore, the artists' opinions are that the public was able to see that obviously the President was involved whereas the committee in charge of the investigation were perplexed by the situation until information from outside sources was provided.