Teetoring Between War And Peace

This cartoon shows how the USSR and US were on the brink of war thanks to the Cuban Missile Crisis. It shows less of an opinion and is more of just a general depiction. The entire cartoon is based around the teeter-totter on which USA and USSR are balanced. On top of the USSR are Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrusgef, symbolizing their power and influence. To the left of the USSR is Cuba with missiles on it. One of these missiles is being sent over to Florida in a stream of question marks. This shows how the Cuban missiles were in very close proximity to Florida and it was questionable whether or not they’d attack Florida. On the right side of the USSR is a bomb with their flag on it representing the prospect of a nuclear fall-out. There is also a bear being attacked by an eagle. The bear is the symbol for the USSR and the eagle is the symbol for the USA. This shows the tension between they two countries. Underneath the USSR is a sub, like one of those, which surrendered to the USA’s ships in a successful effort to prevent war. On the other side of the teeter-totter is the USA. On the top of the USA is John F. Kennedy showing his control over the country considering he was president in 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. On the left of the USA is a scared Florida. The expression exemplifies the fearful prospect of that time that the USSR might bomb Florida from Cuba. On the right of the USA is a bomb with the USA flag on it symbolizing the potential for USA involvement in a nuclear war. Underneath the teeter-totter is the two situations the two countries were stuck between. These two situations were to enter an atomic World War Three or to stay peaceful. The WWIII option has a mushroom cloud behind it to symbolize what a third world war might be like and has names of things that would be involved in the hypothetical war. The peace side has a peace sign behind it to show universal peace.