Nixon and The Watergate Scandal

November 1968
Richard Nixon is elected as president of United States of America
June 17, 1972 external image 288347w.jpg
Watergate break-in occurs- Hours after midnight, police capture five men with rubber gloves in the Democatic National Commitee suite. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward uncovered the cover-up.
November 1972
Nixon is reelected by a landslide victory against George McGovern
May 1973
First important hearings by Senate Select Committee on Presidential Activities. Prosecutor for investigations- Archibald Cox. The following transgressions were uncovered: "Sollicitatoin and acceptance of illegal campaign funds," "The maitnennce of a political enemies list," "The covert use of executie poweragainst some of those whose names appeared on it," and, "Obstruction of justice," which was charged against Nixon himself
July 16, 1973
Alexander Butterfield revelaed tapings in the Oval Office. Those tapings were the key conversatoins that Senator Sam Dean had testified earlier when he was the only one against the president and attorney general.
October 20, 1973
This date is known as the, "Saturday Night Massacre," in the Watergate case. Archibald Cox orders for the tapes, but Nixon ordered the he had executive privelege and refused to reveal the tapes. U.S District Judge, John Sirica, ordered the president to hand over the tapes. Unanimously, the Supreme Court concurred with Sirica. Irate, Nixon ordered his new attorney general, Elliot Richardson, to fire Cox. Ruckleshaus and Richardson both resigned.
Post- Saturday Night Massacre
Nixon chose Leon Jaworski as his new special prosecutor. Jaworski gave up the tape, although some of the taping was eliminated mysteriously. The tapes still proved enough evidence, and the White House officials were indicted. House Judiciary Committee launched impeachmen against the president.
July 27, 29, and 30, 1974
House Judiciary Committee voted three articles of impeachment. Further tapings were made public.
August 9, 1974external image 296421w.jpg
Nixon makes history in becoming the first president to resign from office
September 1974
Succeding president, Gerald Ford, pardons the former president from any crime committed from the Watergate scandal. He granted Nixon a, "Full, free and absolute pardon."