The Korean Konflict

April 12, 1945
FDR dies, Truman takes office. Power struggle between US and Soviets start in Korea
May, 1948
Republic of Korea elects Syngman Rhee, North responds by electing Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Il Sung
June 25, 1950
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea launches suprise attack on Republic of Korea
Summer, 1950
Truman authorizes limited commitment of US air and naval units to help South Korea. Shortly afterwards, UN passes resolution that calls for multi-national effort to support Republic of Korea.
September, 1950
Gen. Douglas Macarthur defeats Korean Peoples army and puts UN forces on the offensive
October 1st, 1950
South Korean forces move into North Korea with minimal resistance
October 7, 1950
Despite specific warnings from Bejing, US forces enter North Korea
Late November, 1950
Chinese enter Korea
April, 1951
General Macarthur removed from office
May, 1951
War enters a stalemate
July 10, 1951
Meetings over a settlement begin. However, the negotiations were delayed for 18 months because of disagreements
July 27, 1953
Armistice signed by President Eisenhower and Syngman Rhee